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Online Courses

Online Courses give you a very comprehensive virtual study. Online courses are enriched with exquisite lessons, 10 hours mp3 trainings, empowering personal exercises and a meditative movie for daily inspiration and mental, emotional and spiritual renewal. These "make things happen" courses by Mary Robinson Reynolds include over $300 of bonus gifts.


Mary Robinson Reynolds' Academic Success 101

10-Session Online Course

The educational professional who has already experienced success with teaching and helping children BUT feels that there is still something more that can be - must be - done and/or learned on a school-wide an and community level. Superintendents, Principals, Counselors, Teachers, Home-Schoolers, Staff, Helping Professionals, Leaders of PTA and other Community Service Organizations wanting to participate with schools to Make A Difference in the lives of every single child in your community.

Academic Success 101

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MasterMinding 101® Online Course

Learn Mary's Transformative System for MasterMinding Productively, Supernaturally Successfully with others!

chkThis Course will propel you in a Quantum Leap to the next level!
chkSpiritually-based Goal Achievement.
chkTake the Course at your own pace.
chkGift Full Length Movie ScreenSaver of Mary's clarifying Inner Guidance Movie
Plus: Receive Over $300 in Resource Bonus Gifts

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Stay Married - CREATE MORE LOVE & LESS CONFLICT  Online Course
...go at your own pace

There's a part of you that intuitively knows your marriage wants to be rejuvenated restored. What you want, wants you! You are not crazy for still loving your spouse and wanting to reconcile. The still small voice in your mind and heart is your spirit guiding you to this information. You can learn how your attitudinal communication has been getting you what you don't want, and most importantly how to change it - energetically - in an instant, to get more of what you do want!

Plus: Receive $348 in Bonus Gifts

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This course teaches that the effects of love are maximal and natural. If and when we find our spiritual center, a miracle will automatically occur in the presence of love

Thought is the level of cause, and the world is the level of effects. Our greatest power to heal our marriages is our power to think about it differently. Our greatest hope lies not in "over-powering" reactions like shaming, blaming and condemning ...but in our power to transform consciousness.


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