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How to Attract The Life You Want

                 and Still Experience Peace

  • Gain Credibility & Self Empowerment
  • Attract the Kind of Life You Want
  • Live Life Centered and Self Assured
  • Open Your Heart to a Spiritual Based Life
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Say Yes to Life: How to Live Life and Love It! by Judy Pearson

If you want to say "Yes!" to your life and live authentically and purposefully, this book is for you. If you long for your true self to be expressed, if you want to have the guts to stand up for your life and live it powerfully and in balance, read this book. It is designed to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance so that you can experience the life of wealth, health and abundance you so richly deserve.

Can you overcome cancer and other dis-ease by improving your communication skills? Judy Pearson, personal development expert, shares her experiences of overcoming cancer by doing just that ...

Judy weaves you through all of the ways that the Colors Personality Styles can positively impact how you approach people and situations. In learning how the four colors conflict as well as work together, you will better be able to embrace and Say YES! To Life

• Develop health and teamwork promoting communication skills
• Transcend roadblocks, inner scripts and past behaviors
• Gain confidence to ask for what you want and get it

Learn how to heal yourself physically, mentally and Spiritually.

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Getting to the center of self healing is what Judy Pearson is all about. As a student of human behavior, Judy passionately believes that healthy vibrant self-communication leads to healthy, energetic and highly productive people, families and organizations. Judy uses a common sense approach to Eckhart Tolle's philosophy and process to help make change fun and lifelong. When you learn how to transcend roadblocks and past behaviors and develop a health and wealth promoting consciousness you can open your heart and mind to a more peaceful Spirit guided world.

If your definition of success includes doing meaningful, enjoyable work and making a contribution to the planet, then you'd better figure out what you enjoy doing and what you can do well. In other words your earthy purpose. This requires a paradigm shift; from "the way you've always done it" to "Yes! Thinking."

For so many, "Yes! Thinking" is about being larger, about having more: more fame, more money, more power. And you can have all of these if you so desire all you have to do is remove any obstacles or challenging thoughts that stand in your way.

Yes! Thinking is about learning to heal yourself so you can live authentically, in integrity, with a generosity that attracts to you the kind of positive energy that creates a peaceful world.

International Book Publishers Association says, "Judy Pearson's exhilarating new book takes you on a journey into the "NOW" in an everyday understandable dialogue. She is a wise coach and enlists the help of other teachers for the reader and her student."

"YES!" is the most practical book I've seen on how to develop Ki energy strengths."
Al Siebert author of The Resiliency Advantage

"I've recommended the Say YES! to Life program to ministerial students, church classes and study groups. Judy's experience of overcoming cancer has helped so many people understand what is really important." Rev. Mary Midkiff

"An excellent book. It walks to fine line between exuberance and trying too hard. the author obviously has a lot of experience talking and listening A good mixture of TM techniques, chakra advice and homey anecdotes. I know several people I plan to recommend this book to." Ben Franklin Awards IBPA

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Say Yes to Life Journal

5.25" by 8.5" Ring-bound notebook - unlined pages with inspirational sayings.

Companion to the Say Yes to Life book.

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Say Yes to Life: "Yes" Thoughts for a Busy Day

5.25" by 4.25" Ring-bound with inspirational sayings.

Companion to the Say Yes to Life book.

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Say Yes to Life Workbook

8.5" by 11" Ring-bound book

Companion to the Say Yes to Life book.

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Judy Pearson

A dynamic workshop and seminar leader, Judy Pearson is a nationally known authority on Ki Communication. Judy has been the featured speaker at hundreds of association conferences, corporate meetings, and various business groups. She is the author of:

  • Say YES! to Life: How to Live Life & Love It
  • Say YES! to Life Workbook n Healthy Mind Healthy Body:
  • How to Use your Mind Power to Stay Healthy and Overcome Illness
  • Ki Up Your Life Companion
  • The YES! to Life Journal

Judy's clients include:
Pacificorp -i Legacy Healthcare Systems • Providence N Right Management Corporation,Hallmark Inns Corp( The United States Navy and various law firms, colleges, and universities.

Judy is the president of the Portland, Oregon-based firm Ki Communication, a company dedicated to helping people make a difference in the world by improving communications with oneself and others.


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to attract more YES! in their lives? How do they do it? The people around them are ready to do whatever they can to be of service. The Universe seems to smile on them. Were they raised in the proper positiveenvironment? Were they told how great they are, given special treatment they the special people in this world who were bornwith all the charm and advantages?

I DON"T THINK SO! It's really pretty simple, really it is. It is a simple matter of physical law. The law of attraction; what you put in you get back. What you think is what you attract to you.

So what you are thinking is what you are attracting. Are your thoughts:

"WOW! I have so much money I can give it away!" OR

"If I just had enough money I would be able to help."

"WOW! I have a wonderful relationship that fulfills me!" OR

"I wish we understood each other better life would be so much easier."

"WOW! I love my work it is the best occupation ever!" OR

"This job is such a pain in the butt."

Remember everyday is a choice day, you are the one who chooses to attract what you want in your life right now.

When you say YES! to life you give up the struggle and fight, you give up the right to be an ordinary person. You become extraordinary!

Thank you,
Judy Pearson

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